Forbes - Gideon Kimbrell

Forbes – Gideon Kimbrell

Forbes – Gideon Kimbrell – Five Killer Marketing And Distribution Strategies For Your App

Your app is not alone. Right now, there are more than 1 million apps in the App Store, vying for users’ attention in ne

arly every category.

Building a great product isn’t enough to make your app the next Angry Birds, and Apple AAPL -0.89% knows it. Just last month, it introduced a “Best New Updates” section to improve the discoverability of apps long after their initial release. But to create a sustainable app, you need to build in solid marketing and distribution strategies to get your app into the hands of the people who need it most.



Article I wrote for Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO)

“The Art of Negotiation: 5 Lessons I Acquired Along With My Domain Name”


The people who win negotiations are those who understand that “no” often means “not right now.”

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Business Insider Gideon Kimbrell

Business Insider Gideon Kimbrell – YEC Member Spotlight: Gideon Kimbrell, Founder, InList – YEC Member Spotlight: Gideon Kimbrell, Founder, InList

Forbes - Gideon Kimbrell

Forbes – Gideon Kimbrell

Forbes article by Gideon Kimbrell – Four Project Management Lessons You Can Learn From Software Engineers

Forbes article by Gideon Kimbrell – Four Project Management Lessons You Can Learn From Software Engineers.

Gideon Kimbrell

New site released for Gideon Kimbrell (myself). Been working on this for the past couple months. I’ve been honored to receive some incredible recommendations, and this is a great place to show them.

Modern parallax, static-header responsive HTML5 design. My favorite is the contact page with customized Google Maps overlay integration. Bookmark this to stay tuned for my mentions in press.

Gideon Kimbrell - Wall Street Journal

Too many entrepreneurs pin their hopes and dreams on cash from investors. However, in this Wall Street Journal article, Gideon Kimbrell illustrates a creative and little-known way to fuel aggressive growth without relying on conventional investors. He used this method with his startup, InList. InList is the worlds only mobile app for booking reservations at exclusive nightlife and charity events.

Wall Street Journal – WSJ – Gideon Kimbrell – How an unlikely investor gave me a first-mover advantage

My partnership with Fueled gave me access to a diverse team of talented, creative people whose vision and advice I could trust because they were personally committed to the success of my company. Had I taken a traditional path to getting funded, I would have lost my first-mover advantage.

Gideon Kimbrell – Gideon Kimbrell

Gideon KimbrellGideon Kimbrell in Key Biscayne with Leighha Love


8. Build a Social Following 
Advice by Gideon Kimbrell on Mashable

Advertising to Facebook users requires a different approach than other platforms. First, you must understand the mindset of the users. They are typically browsing Facebook to get information about their social life, friends and events. Advertisers will get better results by featuring videos that are entertaining and viral. You can get them to come to your page or website only after you’ve already engaged their interest. Your goal should be to build a social media following instead of trying to make a direct sale immediately after posting a video ad.

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Advice for getting biz dev and tech teams on the same page.

“When a team perceives a common goal, it will naturally unite to work toward it…”!yKeXj

Image – Gideon gives advice on how to get your invoices paid faster


Honored to published by American Express Forum with my article “5 Top Mistakes Rookies Make When Outsourcing App Development” YEC